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ORDER FOR THE WEEKEND - Saturday October 13th or Sunday October 14th

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On The Menu This Week

  Regular Malasada

Regular-sized malasadas



Half the size of our regular malasadas and offered in Boxes of 4 or 8. We've made the changes to our serving sizes to make it the perfect size for one or if you're feeling generous, to share.

Our large orders are still available just shoot us an email if you're interested in large party orders or office catering.

deconstructed Malasadas!

Look for the traditional keiki-sized malasadas and try all of the dipping sauces to go with them. We're experimenting with new flavors and figured this would be the best way for you to stick to traditional or to try as many dips as you want. Our deconstructed offering is also for us to see which flavors become a part of our menu. So, feedback is definitely welcomed.