weekend preorder faq

When can I pick up my pre-order?

Pre-orders are for selected weekends only. Pick up dates are Saturdays and Sundays at 10am, 10:30am, or 11:00am. Our malasadas are freshly prepared made to order and so we kindly ask that you arrive on time.

How do I pay for my pre-order?

Once you submit the online form, you will then be directed to our menu where you will be able to place the order and be billed via Square App.

How in advance do I need to place my pre-order?

Please place your order at least 1-5 days in advance to your weekend pick up date. We unfortunately will not accept any last minute orders.

What is the minimum order for malasadas?

A single box of 8 malasadas

Do you offer discounts on larger orders/by the dozen?

We do not. Due to varying flavor prices, all doughnuts are priced individually, no matter the size of your order

How do refunds work?

Orders cancelled before pickup day are given full refund. Orders cancelled on day of pickup are refunded 50% of the total order.